Sincere thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their contribution and support:

Dr. Mansour Bonakdarian, for guidance on methodology and historical research, and generous feedback throughout the process
Zahra, my collaborator in Iran, for feedback on the idea, helping with the interviews and coordinating many related tasks
Parvin Samadzadeh, for feedback on the project concept and questionnaire, and for participating in a podcast interview
Azam Eskandar, for lending her voice for podcast intro, and participating in a podcast episode
Dr. Lilla Hashemi, whose presence is the inspiration for this work, and for participating in an interview
Manijeh, for courageously sharing her voice in a podcast
Nafiseh, for sharing her stories

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This project has been made possible through funding support from the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts.