03- Seda-ye Mehrnoosh (Mehrnoosh’s Voice)

In this episode, Mehrnoosh takes us to a village and a small town in the 1940s to 1960s. She recalls her journey from a traditional to a modern school, and then to Tehran, looking for...
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02- Mobareze-ye A’zam (A’zam’s Struggle)

In A’zam’s Struggle, the second podcast of BarAyandegan, we hear the voice of A’zam Eskandar – a woman who has a significant place in the history of sports in Iran because of her trail-blazing activities...
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01- Yadhaye Parvin (Parvin’s Memories)

(This podcast is in Farsi.) In Yadhay-e Parvin (Parvin’s Memories), the first full episode of BarAyandegan, we become familiar, intimately and personally, with Iran of the 1940s-1980s and also with the issue of immigration in...
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Podcast Schedule

2018 SEP 19 – Trailer

2018 SEP 26 – Program 01: Yadhay-e Parvin (Parvin’s Memories)

2018 OCT 24 – Program 02: Mobareze-ye A’zam (A’zam’s Struggle)

2018 NOV 28 – Program 03: Seday-e Mehrnoosh (Mehrnoosh’s Voice), part 1

2018 DEC 26 – Program 04: Seday-e Mehrnoosh (Mehrnoosh’s Voice), part 2

2019 JAN 24 – Program 05: Qesse-ha-ye Nafiseh (Nafiseh’s Stories)

2019 FEB 25 – Program 06: Safar-ha-ye Lilla (Lilla’s Travels)

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Through this project, our hope is to record this generation’s experience as our heritage for the future generations. To do this, we need your participation. Contact us.

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